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Moonan Flat Part V - The Final Challenge

In our final episode of the Moonan Flat motorcycle camping trip Google Maps tries to send us into a Mine, we enjoy the top end of Putty Road and then just when we were minutes from home, there's one final challenge to overcome.

0:00 - Intro

0:30 - This looks like the wrong way

2:45 - Through Singleton

3:54 - Broke

5:53 - Calculating Fuel

7:34 - Top of Putty Road

9:48 - Flood Damage to Putty Road

10:40 - Matt needs a louder exhaust

12:43 - Flood Damage to Windsor Bridge

15:33 - Thoughts on the whole trip

17:10 - I think I have a flat tyre

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Alright guys, thanks for the awesome weekend away.

All right, let's find out where this road goes.

That's not filling me with confidence, I have to admit.

Oh, let's find out. Already does look a little more interesting than sitting on a boring 100ks an hour.

According to Google Maps, this does go through. I guess. I'm very doubtful but I guess there's only one way to find out isn't there.

It's a bit of a shit road.

Ah see, Google Maps, you're full of shit.

Yeah, that's what I thought, it's a mine. You can see it on the maps. That's why I was certain you couldn't get through but Google Maps reckons you can so we thought we'd try it but just go back on the freeway I guess.

Yeah, we'll just have to find our way back. It's still trying to send me down there, so...

Thomas seemed pretty convinced that you could go that way but...

Pulling back into Singleton and then we'll hook a right and head towards Broke. Should be there in about 23 minutes, gets us there right at 12:30, so time for lunch.

Look at the river there.

That's insane. You can see the height that it went to. That's crazy.

That's where we're heading.

Welcome to broke.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Large flat white.

No, no. Because then I can't accurately measure okay.

Guys, thanks for the awesome weekend away. Mr Peake, see you next week.

Enjoy editing your footage tonight mate. Oh, I won't be on it tonight!

Not a bad bacon and egg roll, I have to say and coffee wasn't bad either. It's a nice little stop there.

All right so 80 litres into this tank. 120km's to go, so we're burning exactly four litres per hundred at the moment, 3.7 in fact, there we go. Let's round it to four, so four litres per hundred k's so, therefore, I've burnt, what, about three-quarters of 100K so that's three litres, which gives me of the 12 litres, about nine litres left, of the nine litres left I'm doing four litres per hundred k's and do at least 200 more K's and a bit, and there's 114 K's to get there then we should be golden on fuel. Excellent. A little bit of math on a Sunday afternoon.

Stayed in one of these.

I think it was here.

Now it's back down Putty Road, let's see what the floods have done to this road. Looks like we can now get through to Richmond, Windsor.

I guess we'll find out, huh.


Now, I don't know, I knew that there was a blockage, I could see it on the map and this looks like yeah, so it looks like we're at the point where, uh, there's been some broken rope... Broken rope? Broken road.

Shall we pull into Grey Gums?

Yeah yeah. I don't think it's open.

Yeah yeah, let's get rid of fuel.

Yeah yeah.

Hi. He's just going to fill up his petrol out of his tank.

It's so bloody noisy being behind Gary. Really the exhaust.

Ah, I didn't think he was particularly.

Yeah, I was getting tired.

I can't hear even going through the twisties, like, I can't hear my bike accelerating. I've got music on as well, yeah, but normally I can hear my bike but with you guys in front, I can't hear a thing.

You know how to fix that, yeah?

Go further back?

No, make it louder!

I know.

Yeah, it feels good. Though yeah, I'll tell you what, I’ll sleep well tonight.

Yeah, I'm going to sleep well this afternoon.

I've got to get home and um at least do something useful for the family, mow lawns, will do something, I can't have the whole weekend to myself.

Oh it's just lovely, oh it's just really nice.

Yeah yeah, I'm not going behind you again. Your exhaust is so noisy, it's just drilling, I had this drone in my head and what the fuck is that, oh bloody Gary.

I'm quite surprised that no one else, like, everyone else was happy behind me the whole way, pretty much. I've been at the front, I was expecting everyone to get past me.

Oh, you ride it quick enough, just noisy.

It's quite flickable. In the corners, it's nice to just throw it around.

Yeah, it's looking, it looks solid in the corners.


It's just when we're doing like 110 and you're wobbling everywhere.

Yeah, that's exactly right man. I've done what you said this morning, I've moved this well forward.

Oh yeah

Because the tank's empty now, it won't slide around so much.

Yeah, see if it makes a difference.

Yeah, we'll see if it makes a difference yeah.

So look at all this, far out.

You can see everything is brown. Look at the, look how high it went. That is insane.

This was all underwater.

You can see the brown up to the trees.

All this, underwater.

It's still quite high.

I don't know whether that's good for the turf farms or not?

I'm guessing that the turf farms, you know, are here because it's a flood plain? If I remember my year seven geography. Something about the Nile and silt? I don't know but isn't that good for vegetation or something? Or I don't know, I have no idea. Fertilizer?

But it's pretty nuts, pretty nuts. You can see just like, all these trees, like, this whole thing underwater.

One thing that doesn't come through on camera is the smell, it stinks, really bad.

You can just see all the, uh because that must have been moving water as well, so yeah, there's a lot of damage. Things that are broken. Damaged.

Look at those houses there, they're above the floodplain. Smart design.

That is phenomenal.

All right, so we're approaching, uh, the new Windsor Bridge? Richmond Bridge? Windsor Bridge. New Windsor Bridge, according to Google Maps.

Was built because the smaller bridge was always flooded, or was susceptible to flooding, and this bridge was like, oh, we'll build it big enough that it won't flood. It's still flooded.

This was underwater but you can see how high it was. This was underwater. That is nuts.

Now you can see just how wide that river is and to think that it was right up, you can see where it was, right up here, actually came up to here, just crazy.

You still get those idiots on the news that say things like “the supposedly floodproof bridge, it has flooded” it's like fuck off. That's not helping anyone, that sort of attitude. I just hate the news every now and then.

Anyway, that is pretty much our journey done. That concludes our journey for today. That was awesome, I really that was our first ever motorcycle camping experience and I have to say we will definitely be doing a lot more of that. So we've been talking about where to go next, open ideas if you've got any suggestions, love to hear them. Whether to go North, West or South?

So yeah, I have no ideas. you've got any suggestions, love to hear them but, yeah, I reckon the next one should do a couple of nights and then just keep going up from there.

And the whole point of this one was to learn a few things, which we did, which is great, but the one thing I can absolutely tell you about right now is that I am ready to go to bed.

So a couple of takeaways, Moonan Flat, nice little place. There's not much there, the pub and the campsite and that's pretty much it but a very nice campsite and a very nice pub and nice people. So definitely worth the trip out there and the road out there is freaking amazing.

That was absolutely worth the journey. A couple of boring bits to get there, yeah Singleton to Muswellbrook etc but for the most part, that didn't you know that wasn't too much of it.

Have I got a flat tire? I feel like I've got a flat tire. I definitely feel like this tyre is flat. First thing, you make sure your camera's on first.

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