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Sharing your ride

Inspire other riders by sharing your great rides to take around Australia.

MotoRides is more than just a map; we're looking for photos and videos that help other riders see what the ride might be like to help plan their next trip.

A GPX is a nice addition if you have it, particularly for adventure rides.

Add the details you want to share once logged in or registered with a free account. Images and files are uploaded once you submit. Click below to get started.



Can I share my YouTube channel?

Yep, just paste in the URL to the YouTube field, and it will be embedded on the page.

How can I share this with my mates?

Once you've added your ride, you will be redirected to the ride's page, which you can then share.


Can I edit or delete my rides later?

Yep, all rides are stored in "My Rides" for editing later.

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