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Moonan Flat Part III - Indulging in some GoPro cinematography

In Part III of our Moonan Flat motorcycle camping adventure, we ended up stumbling on the perfect time to get some stunning GoPro cinematography shots as we headed towards the campsite.

There's not much talking in this one, letting the scenery tell the story instead.

This sequence is shot in 4K 24FPS, shutter set to 1/96 and starting with an ND16 filter and then switching to ND8 about halfway through.


With fears of flooding not seen since the 1960s.

Looks pretty good. You can see the water line there.

Your bags touching your chain. Oh yeah, Yeah.

I think we've lost a couple.

One more stop at Muswellbrook to top up those who we lost in Singleton. Still hoping to get there before it gets too dark.

Oh, that was amazing! That was insane.

I just went to scratch my head with my visor closed. That was smart.

All right, all topped up with fuel, it's now 59 minutes to our destination. Only minutes remaining.

71kms gets us there, the current ETA is 18:47. Oh no, we've gone back in time. I'm so funny.

Ah surprisingly tiring today. It's been a big long trip through. I've been starting, you know, I was thinking, oh it's going to be nice, starting in the middle of the day rather than in the morning but it actually takes it out of you a bit. It’s been a little bit warmish, not hot, just warm. Listen to me whinging! Now, all we need to do is, uh, set up camp. So we were, sort of, considering some other roads to go around between here and Moonan Flat. There are a few little variations of roads that you can take. Each of them gives different options but considering how late in the day it is we're just going to head straight there take the fastest route. That's what she said. ...and then we can set up camp and then avoid the kangaroos and all that sort of stuff.

I think I have been here before actually. Many many years ago.

Anyway off to Moonan Flat we go.


There's a speed camera there. The dude’s sitting in the car and old mate about 100 meters down is waving everyone to slow down.

How stunning is this

Oh, that was amazing, that was insane.

In the next episode.

There was a party going on that was more than we expected.

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