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Moonan Flat Part II

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

In the last episode of MotoRides motorcycle adventures, we had chosen to take the shorter route even though the Live Traffic apps showed it as closed. If the weir was still flooded, we'd have to backtrack and then making it to Moonan Flat before dark was going to be difficult.


Matt, you ready? You're ready to go? 11 a.m departure?

Dressed, the bike’s kinda ready.

Flood emergency tonight with fears of flooding not seen since the 1960s.

So if the bridges were closed and we needed to backtrack there was no way that we would get to Moonan Flat before dark.

It's pretty good!

You can see the water line there.

As it turned out, the water had well and truly dropped and there was no issue at all. In fact, it left us with a reasonably empty road, all to ourselves.

Next stop is the singleton. It's the potholes that are, crazy.

All right, this is Broke.

Just hanging down the road.

The original plan was to get to Moonan Flat at around 6 p.m which was about an hour before sunset. Now we're about half an hour behind schedule at the moment so we're going to be arriving there right at dusk. Which if anyone knows anything about Kangaroos, that's when they come out to feed. So the risk is a bit higher then so we're just gonna have to take it easy and keep our eye out. Look out for the jumpy jumpies. Look at those big heavy jumping Mother...

Gary seems to be limited to about 100 kilometres per hour, about where his bike's feeling, starting to feel uncomfortable. It just seems to be, I don't know whether it's just the weight on the back of it making the front really light but uh just a bit unsettling.

So everything was going great until Matt pulled me over because something was wrong.

Your bags touching your chain.


I'm pretty sure your bag is touching your chain.

Oh yeah yeah.

That’s heaps over. Look at that. I was stopping because his bag was falling off look at mine.

I'm like, that’s dodgy, it's not about to fall off but…

See, I was nice, I stopped to help Vern. None of you [ __ ] stops me. You just laugh.

Look at that. Oh, that is huge. That's, um, yeah.

You definitely notice the difference there. yeah yeah. But it's five kilos and it's up high but yeah I think, I think it's a combination of that and the bag. Definitely, these catching it and it's just pulling the bike because the front end just feels so loose.

Yeah yeah. Because normally that would flow down your back and kinda push you along but it's hitting this

I was getting up to 110 there and then having to back off. Yeah, you know but that was better than that last bit. I was just too impatient just the road just wants to go faster.

What was happening? This had fallen forward. oh okay.

Yeah, I'm looking at it it looks like it's fallen down but I couldn't quite remember if you had it down or not I think the [ __ ] that looks very close to his chain. Yeah yeah yeah, no, thanks for that.

That's alright.

That's good. Gave me an excused go flying past you in the tunnel. All right let's get the [ __ ] out of here.

Yeah, I know. I just gotta plug it back in, when I get off. That's what she said.

I'll film you doing a flyby, or a take off. or falling over falling over.

That was almost gold Vern.

Should we wait for him?

Gotta get the shot, Matt, gotta get the shot.

Golden Highway

I make sure my bags are still there.

There’s a petrol station here somewhere?

Should be one just up here on the right. There it is. Let's get some petroleum.

I think we've lost a couple.

They never turned off. They what?

Who is it? Matt and Jeff aren't it? I'll call him.

Call Matt

A little bit of peek-hour traffic getting out of Singleton. It is, uh, five or quarter past five now, so, kind of his peak hour actually but um still hoping to get there before it gets too dark. One more stop at Muswellbrook to top up those who we lost in Singleton and then onto Moonan Flat from there.

This section between um Singleton Muswellbrook, very boring, very boring. Probably options if we had time to um yeah go to the freeway but we don't really have time now to find anything so we're just following the freeway and i didn't really see too many options on the maps from Singleton to Muswellbrook but once you get to Muswellbrook there seems to be a few options outside of the freeway. Quite a few nice roads actually. Looks pretty good. Maybe we'll check those ones out tomorrow on the way back. I don't think we're gonna have time today you kind of miss too many of stops or the stops have all been a bit rushed and you don't want to be rushing the stops. You want to enjoy the stops. Yeah, that's when you get to chat just hang out, chill, relax and if you're rushing it just kind of takes away the whole point. So I know, not that it's been bad but it's just I think of next time. Maybe won't uh rush you so much

Light's starting to get a bit low.

Sun’s behind the clouds at the moment, kind of freaked me out for a second. Did I think [ __ ] are we that far behind?

In the next episode

How stunning is this?

Oh, that was amazing! That was insane!

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