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Yerranderie Ghost Town

Updated: May 30, 2023

It's time for another adventure, and Matt had his heart set on the Yerranderie Ghost Town. While this is a short distance from Sydney, on the other side of Warragamba Dam, it's a fair trip because you can only approach from the West via the Colong Stock Route.

This was a two day trip with the camp at the Ghost Townsite and then back home via Range Trail and Wombeyan Caves Road.

I designed a route that we see us run up Bells Line of Road to Mount Victoria and then inland to Glen Chee Rd, where it meets the Six Foot Track. And that's where the plan got bogged. Will we make it to Yerranderie on time? Will we have enough fuel to get back out again? Will a Dingo eat us during the night?

First, bacon and egg rolls at Maccas and then a misty ride up through Bells to Mount Victoria.

The run down Coxs River Road towards Glen Chee Rd is a stunning view and would be nice on a road bike before turning to dirt.

Glen Chee Road was reasonably straightforward, to begin with until we headed further down towards the creek in the valley. While today's weather was near perfection, we had no idea how much water was in the environment after it had been raining all week before this trip.

If you haven't watched our previous videos, we're still relatively new to adventure riding. The plan for this trip was to have something challenging but not too difficult.

Our first obstacle would be a quick pitstop to strip down the winter gear and then a steep climb into the Kanangra Boyd National Park. Kanangra is an Australian Aboriginal word for "beautiful view".

Matt and I are connected via Sena, but our cameras aren't always running simultaneously. Hence, the audio comes from the Sena sometimes.

Have you ever heard riders jinx themselves more than that?

As midday approached, we needed to backtrack, follow the known path back out to Jenolan Caves Road, and get to Oberon to refuel to the campsite before dark. We were on track as long as we didn't break anything.

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Jun 02, 2022

Wow ! Send in the Cat D9 Grader. Xcnlt video It had my biting my nails. PS I got the Murray’s Run T-Shirt - very nice.

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