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The Best Australian Adventure Riding Channels

In between rides, I'm always looking for inspiration on where to go next, and of course, just like you guys, I'm watching on YouTube, so here are the ones that I subscribe to and my favourite ones for watching to inspire me for the next ride.

These are all specifically Australian adventure riding content, so if you've got any others that I've missed, feel free to throw them into the comments below. 

Joe Ryan

The first one here is Joe Ryan, whose tag is The Freeway Project. He rides a Royal Enfield and goes on pretty awesome adventures with a focus on photography. He is capturing all his adventures around getting these photos and the trips. I’m pretty sure he's from Melbourne. I'm just getting that based on the little stabs now and then about New South Wales, but the way he presents his tours and where he goes, and he gives a good amount of content off the bike as well on it, and I enjoy watching him. 

Mid Coast Adventures

Phil from Mid Coast Adventures, obviously by the title, is based in the Mid Coast of New South Wales. He rides his Honda CRF on some great adventures around where he lives. 

The thing I love about Phil's content is that he is very chilled and relaxing. All of his stuff is about finding that peaceful spot in the bush. Anytime I want to watch something nice and chilled, Phil is where I go with regular uploading.

Brent Pearson

Brent is a kindred spirit of mine. We're both really into all the same stuff: photography, cinematography, anything nerdy, GPS tracks, drones and all sorts of stuff. We're in a similar line of work, even from a business perspective, but Brent's channel is fantastic. You've probably already come across his stuff, as he is one of the more popular channels on YouTube for Australian adventure riding. 

He presents some stunning trips, particularly the Iceland one he just did recently. But it's the way he shoots it and structures his films in a cinematic way. Doing cinematography on any action camera is difficult, but Brent presents his trips amazingly and stunningly. He also shares a lot behind the scenes of how he does that. 


Based in the south-east of Queensland, Josh’s channel has blown up in the last 12 months with rides either his DRZ or his Tenere 700. He has great adventures and presents a stunning view of some of the roads he rides on. It's pretty entertaining to watch. 

If you also have a DRZ, he goes into much detail about spare parts that he's used and all the little things around DRZs. 

ADV Brett

Like myself, Brett is a couple of years into this but learning a lot on the fly, and he's sharing a lot of that journey. He's based north of Sydney and is capturing many places around Barrington Tops and Nundle. 20 Creek Crossings was one of his recent videos. I love watching his stuff because it's reasonably chilled out, and he enjoys the ride, taking you along on the journey. He's also sharing quite a few reviews of products he's using and stuff like that. It's also a great channel to chill out, and he takes us on great adventures. 

Motology Films - Adam Riemann

You've probably heard of this bloke; he's pretty popular, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're already subscribed. He recently did a big ride on his old Africa Twin, and his previous adventures from overseas are also impressive. He has spent a lot of time in the media, and he's an accomplished rider. And now that he's retired from that Enduro riding, he's jumped on an adventure bike and discovered how amazing it is.

Coming from a racing background, none of us will ever ride quite as well or as quickly as he does, but if you can pick up 10% of the tips and tricks he shares, then you're making progress. 

But he's entertaining with a presentation similar to Brent Pearson; he has a film approach by presenting a story and professional video production. I appreciate the level of effort that both these guys go to to build their content. 

Biker Bits

Mark has been around for a long time, producing many YouTube content and podcasts. In recent years, he's been doing a lot more adventure riding and covering a lot of camping and off-road. So, it's worth checking out his channel. 

Rem Adventures

Rem is a new one to check out; five months ago, her first video captured her and her family’s trip to Cape York. Straight out of the gate, she’s produced a high production level and put together an excellent video, and then she has been on a roll ever since. 

Unfortunately, she just broke her leg in the latest video. So, she'll probably be off the road while recovering. She presents the whole trip genuinely, and I love the dynamic with her and her parents as well. As a dad myself, and undoubtedly, I will get my daughters into ADV in the future, I find her stories quite relatable.

Rob Hamilton

Rob has two channels: Moto Feelz, which has been around for a long time, and his new channel, Rob Hamilton. Moto Feelz is Rob talking about his journey, focusing on cameras and 360 cameras. 

His new channel is taking us on a cinematic AMSR audio-visual journey into the bush, and there's no talking in this one. He just takes you along. You're almost like a passenger on his journey. It's a great channel to chill out to.

The Apprentice Adventurer

Lance is riding a Suzuki DRZ and taking on many great adventures. He shares many videos about his setup and the equipment he uses, but his adventures are bloody amazing, and he presents well. 

Wayne Dowsent

if you're not subscribed to his channel, do it right now. He's very entertaining and funny, presenting a fascinating view of any of the trips they go on. There's a big crew of them, but Gaz Gaz tells me he's on a break from it now. 

It's been six months since he published his latest video. Hopefully, he'll come back soon and start sharing again soon. However, in his absence, Gaz Gaz has created his own channel, which he recently released.

KTM Australia

I’m mentioning KTM Australia's YouTube channel because it's worth subscribing to purely for Adventure Rallye videos. Run annually, they'll do a video on the event with the highest production values you can imagine. A crew of people is putting the content together: top-level editors, stunning drone shots, great footage, and you can’t beat riding along with Chris Birch. There's not much to dislike about that. 

Some of you might dislike it because it's KTM, but even if you don't like KTM, it's incredible to watch and is the top-level production content you'll find in Australia. 

MotoRides Australia

I hope that gave you some great channels to follow, but remember to subscribe to our channel, of course, and we'll have some more adventures coming soon.  

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