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The Barry Way

The Barry Way

Length (Kms)


Road Type

Dirt but maintained

Last Known Status


Last Update

Jan 16, 2023


Alpine ADV

Barry Way to Mckillops bridge is an approximately 133km ride on almost all dirt roads. Well maintained, but can be slippery after rain, so be cautious.

I did it after rain, and the drainage was pretty good, with only a few slippery bits, so be mindful, and it's fine.

The Barry way starts on the immediate outskirt of Jinabyn, heading West, and it's around 38km before you hit the dirt roads of the national park.

Wallace Craigie's lookout is not too far in and is a good spot to stop and take it in.

Be sure to take food and drink with you, as it will be a while before you get out of the Alpine NP and to any pubs for lunch. On the way, you will also cross into Victoria. Good spot for a piccie break.


Fantastic ride and well-maintained dirt roads. Be aware of traffic coming in the opposite direction, especially around blind corners. It's a frequent 4x4 route, and people do tow caravans and trailers despite warnings saying that it's not suitable.

In my own opinion, you need moderate but not much skill offroad to ride this. Just don't ride like a numpty, and you'll be fine.




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