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Old Pacific Highway

Old Pacific Highway

Length (Kms)


Road Type

Sealed and Twisty

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Last Update

Jun 14, 2024


Sydney North

The full QLD to SYD route is available here.

The Old Pacific Highway was the main route for heading North before the construction of the M1. It winds through the hills instead of cutting through them and offers a delightful ride through three distinct sections.

Where does the old Pacific Highway start?

The first section starts at Cowen, passes Pie in the Sky and through to Hawkesbury River Bridge. This is usually pretty busy on a weekend with many riders, varying in talent but all out to enjoy the road. Pie in the Sky is the usual meeting place and unsurprisingly, has good pies!

The second section takes you from the bridge up to Mount White, where the Old Road Warriors Cafe, AKA the Old Road Cafe is another good meeting place and a good bite to eat.

The third section is longer and far less busy but a little more challenging and certainly further into the wilderness. The surface is rougher and you have to watch for mossy patches in winter but this is actually my favourite part of the road.


Old Pacific Highway QLD to SYD

Taking the Old Pacific Highway from Gold Coast to Sydney

MotoRides Vern

MotoRides Vern

Old Pacific Highway QLD to SYD

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