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Macquarie Pass

Macquarie Pass

Length (Kms)


Road Type

Sealed and Twisty

Last Known Status


Last Update

Jan 12, 2023


Sydney South

Macquarie Pass is an eight-kilometre-long section of the Illawarra Highway passing through Macquarie Pass National Park since 1898.

Linking Robertson to the coastal town of Albion Park, descending the Illawarra Escarpment it's a very twisty and tight road with a few overtaking lanes. 

It contains a few hairpin bends and similar to Galston Gorge, you'll occasionally find buses and trucks attempt to make it through despite the clear signage saying it's not possible. 

After heavy rain, the Macquarie Pass can be closed due to flooding on the top half of the pass. Jamberoo Mountain Road between Robertson and Jamberoo is an alternative.

You can grab fuel at Albion Park, the usual places and of course the hangout spot is unsurprisingly a pie shop, Robertson Pie Shop.




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