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Galston Gorge

Galston Gorge

Length (Kms)


Road Type

Sealed and Twisty

Last Known Status


Last Update

Jan 12, 2023


Sydney West

Galston Gorge is a scenic 5.5-kilometre stretch of road connecting Galston with Hornsby in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia. It is a narrow, winding road lined with tall eucalyptus trees, and bushland and is home to the heritage-listed Tunks Creek Bridge, which was built in 1893-94. 

The road is often busy with locals and visitors alike, as it is a popular route for cyclists. However, the road is subject to size restrictions due to its size. Signs along the road indicate that vehicles over 2.7 metres in height or 2.4 metres in width are not permitted. Despite these restrictions, many drivers fail to read the signs, and the road often grinds to a halt. 

Galston Gorge provides a picturesque and peaceful ride and with its iconic bridge, winding road, and lush bushland, it is a great place to take a quick ride.




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