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Barrington Tops Forest Rd

Barrington Tops Forest Rd

Wanaruah and Forster

Length (Kms)


Road Type

Dirt but maintained

Last Known Status


Last Update

Feb 16, 2023


Regional NSW

The Barrington Tops Forest Road is approximately 65 kilometers (40 miles) long and runs through the heart of the Barrington Tops National Park in New South Wales, Australia. The road is known for its scenic beauty, challenging terrain, and diverse wildlife, making it a popular destination for adventure motorcyclists.

The time it takes to complete the road will vary depending on your speed and the amount of time you spend stopping to take in the sights. On average, it takes about 2-3 hours to complete the road without stops, but many people choose to take their time and spend a full day exploring the area, taking breaks to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. It's also important to note that the road can be narrow and winding in places, so riders should be cautious and always wear protective gear.


Barrington Tops

Loop around and over the Barrington Tops

ADV Brett

ADV Brett

Barrington Tops



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