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Old Bloke New Bike merges with MotoRides Australia

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Welcome to MotoRides Australia!

To understand what's happening here, you need to hear a little of the back story.

A few years ago, I set up this website, and the intention was to capture and map out all the different places anyone could go riding. I found that there's a lot of maps available, including ones that have interactive AI suggested paths but they lack contextual information that gives you an understanding of the road itself or what's there. On the other end of the scale, there's a lot of people who have information about these roads and places in their heads so let's try and bring those two together.

While I was doing this, I had also created the YouTube channel Old Bloke New Bike, which was capturing and presenting stories of those rides we were taking.

The more I started to think about the intention of that YouTube channel, the more I realised it overlapped with MotoRides and the more it evolved over time, the more and more they were aligning to the same goals. So I thought, why not just join them together?!

So here we are.

The website has had a rebirth, the old one was really a prototype and was a little clunky being very database driven whereas the new one I’ve set up is more content-focused. The idea is not just to draw a map but to capture the stories of people and places so it is much more of an adventure. I also wanted to highlight the contributors of the content so the viewers on this site can get to know them and follow their channels as well.

I’ve just started populating the site and there is a lot more to come, however, I also realised that there is no way that one person can capture all these amazing roads around Australia. Particularly outside of NSW so I’m looking for people who would like to contribute.

For every route that we capture on the site, I’d like to present it with photos and videos as well as mapping. So if you have anything to contribute, please see the contributor page.

We have some episodes coming very soon, we’ve been to Megalong Valley, Denman, Rylstone, Warragamba and Moonan Flat. I can’t wait to show you that one, that was mega.

Huge thanks to everyone that made suggestions on the new name, very much appreciated and as a few people have suggested, we will certainly do a subscriber ride soon. Open to your suggestions on where to head?


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