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Can I contribute with content?

Absolutely! We can only cover some of the roads and places around Australia, so we'd love other riders to contribute, and in return, you can make more connections with other riders and showcase your content.

If you have a YouTube video showing an excellent road or just some photos, click here to add the road or track to the site. And if you also have a GPX file, that would be awesome.

However, what would make us best buddies is if you could also add the following;

  • A list of the places you could visit and any resources like fuel and food.

  • A detailed description of the roads, what they're like, what sort of condition they're in and what bike they're suited to. Do you need a dirt bike, or will a road bike be acceptable, for example.

  • If you have a GPX file, fantastic. If not, give us enough of a list of the towns and roads so we can create one.

  • Photos are a must, we want to see what's there, but if you don't have any, we'll grab them from a YouTube video.

  • A video that covers the trip would be awesome. Include a YouTube link, and we'll add it and ensure we link to your channel to pick up some subs.


If you've got that, upload your content here or email us at, and we can get started.

Can I write a blog post?

If you're keen to write a blog post, tell a story, review a product or do anything motorcycle related, we'd love to hear from you. 

Can I contribute with support?

If you want to help build this site for all of us, you can buy Motorbike T-Shirts and Merch from our shop, or even a simple donation will help make this site a valuable resource for all riders. 

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