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My GoPro Labs QR for motorcycling

These are the QR codes I use to set my GoPro settings before every ride.

GoPro Labs is available as a firmware update, check out the details here;

Main Video Setup

This is 4K, 4:3 ratio, 25fps, Wide Angle, Hypersmooth on but not boost.

Protunes, Bitrate High, white balance set to 5500K, ISO min 100, ISO max 400. The shutter is Auto and EV comp -0.5.

You can lock the shutter at 90 degrees but the light is too variable to risk having the wrong ND filter on.

This includes a bunch of other settings like turning on GPS and LEDs while turning off WiFi and long screen time to save batteries.

After that is set, I then set a Maximum Shutter Angle which stops it from going too low with the stabiliser.

After that, I set the time on all GoPros so they sync up with Timecode in Edit. This can't be printed, only available as a URL since it's the current time.

An optional extra is to turn on Histogram. This is a great idea in theory but in reality, in the field, you don't actually get much of a chance to use it. However, good for choosing the right ND filter.

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