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An Exhausting Story - I lost my GoPro - Vandemon exhaust test ride

I need to tell you a little story. In fact, it's really two stories. There's the day that I put my exhaust system on the MT-09 and then there's the other story that also happened that night.

During the test ride, the GoPro Hero 5 fell off the back of the bike but did II get it back?

0:00 - Intro

0:36 - Unboxing the exhaust system

1:10 - Fitting the system

1:53 - Test Ride

4:05 - Giving it some

5:36 - GoPro go bye-bye

6:35 - Oh no

7:44 - Did I just find it?

Vandemon Exhausts

Product Page:

+61 2 4285 9400

Unit 4/609 Princes Hwy, Russell Vale, Wollongong, NSW 2517, Australia


I need to tell you a little story. In fact, it's really two stories. There's the day that I put my exhaust system on the MT-09 and turned it into the growling thing it is today but then there's the other story that also happened that night.

All right, let's talk about the exhaust first. So, this is a system from Vandemon which is an Australian based company down in Wollongong. Now, at the time I had this grand idea about what I was going to do with the video. If you remember the motorcycle Ducati scene from Tron, I wanted to do something like that but I really wanted to capture the sound of the exhaust system. Really make a thing around the sound and how important the sound is on a motorcycle.

Of course, I never got around to doing that so that's why this has been on the back burner for so long. Fitting any exhaust system is actually pretty straightforward, particularly if it's a full system. Bolt it onto the front and away we go.

Now, of course, whenever you fit any kind of exhaust system the first thing you must do is go for a brap around the block.

Um, wow!

Okay, so I’ve literally just fitted the exhaust system taking it for a first test ride.


I was actually going to do this tomorrow, it's Saturday night and I was going to do it tomorrow but I couldn't help myself. I just had to do it and so, now, of course, I’m doing my test ride at night time. I thought I'd just go for a little run around the block, just to see what it sounds like. I am never gonna stop riding tonight.

Oh my god, this is the best.

The one thing I really wanted out of an exhaust system was, I really wanted to pop on the quick shift and I really wanted that off-throttle burble. And this is even 10 times better than I thought it would be.

Oh my god, this changes everything.

Let's take a while.

Oh my god, I love it.


I tell you what, the, um, the big thing I noticed straight up is the amount of torque. There's a really noticeable difference in the amount of torque. Like, I assumed that the amount of pickup would be, well the amount of increase would just be on paper and not really noticeable but oh god, it's really noticeable because I'm still in standard mode you know. I'm not even in A and it's lifting the front wheel like

I can’t stop laughing, this is fantastic.



oh shit.

oh [ __ ] I lost my GoPro

Chris. I've just got back and I noticed the GoPro is missing off the back. oh shit. Yeah, yeah I'm gonna go and have a look at it.

[ __ ], is that it?

I think that's it. Holy shit, holy shit, it's still running.

Oh my god, I found you.

oh [ __ ] holy crap. It's still running. I'm standing in the middle of the street. Okay, I need to put this somewhere.

I can't believe I found that. I can't believe I lost that. I can't believe I’ve just put in the gear without putting the stand-up.

Oh my god I can't believe that I went for a fairly long ride out in the middle of freaking nowhere too and I thought, I bet that's where it's come off because I gave it the hell out there where there was no one and of course, if it came off there then it would have just flown into the bushes and it was gone so I was fully expecting never to find it again but lo and behold where was it around the roundabout where I probably went as slow as I could go the whole time. I think the polarizer screwed but I was not expecting it to be that easy to find.

That's a win!

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