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Settlers Arms Inn

1 Wharf St, St Albans NSW 2775, Australia

A great destination for road riders or start for off-roaders

Settlers Arms Inn StAlbans is the perfect place for adventure motorcyclists to relax and enjoy a great ride. Located in the heart of the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, the inn provides fantastic views of the countryside with its large outdoor deck. The inn also has a bar, restaurant, and supermarket for guests. For those looking for an adventure, the nearby Wollombi Road is great for off-road motorcycling. This winding road has plenty of dirt, gravel and other rough terrains that are ideal for an unforgettable riding experience. Visitors can stop at the wineries, picturesque views and charming towns to improve the journey. Afterwards, they can take a break at the Settlers Arms Inn and enjoy a cozy night with friends or family.


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