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BMW Safari

BMW Safari

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The BMW Safari is a BMW customer motorcycle tour concept that began in 1994 with a trip from Sydney to Fraser Island. It is unique to Australia and there are three different flavours to choose from:

  • TS Safari – An on road tour where pillion riders can join in the fun.

  • GS Safari – For GS models focused on off road riding linked together with twisty roads.

  • GS Safari Enduro – The Enduro is generally more remote, more challenging or both.

BMW Safaris generally run for 5 to 7 days as a point to point tour, but sometimes with the start and finish at the same location. It’s not a guided tour, the route is marked, route maps and GPS files are provided. Riders go at their own pace and take in sights along the route. While some rides have been revisited and may be similar, no two rides have been the same in the history of the Safari. This makes every Safari a new adventure.

Current Tours

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