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Mckillops Road

Mckillops Road

Length (Kms)


Road Type

Dirt but maintained

Last Known Status


Last Update

Jan 16, 2023


Alpine ADV

McKillops Road is an iconic stretch of road located in Australia’s Victorian High Country, renowned for its picturesque views and challenging terrain. The road, which connects Dargo and Licola, is a popular destination for adventure motorcyclists who come to enjoy the winding road and rugged landscape. 

McKillops Bridge is a notable feature of the road and is a great spot for a photo opportunity. The Bridge is a single-lane, steel truss bridge that spans the Macalister River. It is an impressive sight and a great place to take in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. 

There are also plenty of great places to camp and explore, making it an ideal spot for an overnight adventure.



McKillops Bridge

McKillops Bridge


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