Everyone gets into riding motorbikes in different ways, all stages of life and for as many different reasons. For me I’ve always wanted to ride a bike but I just hadn’t made it priority until recently. I’m 38 years of age and I’m now wondering why I wait so long, discovering now what I have missed for the last thirty odd years.

So now that I have my bike license and have bought my trusty steed, the next step was finding a place to ride it!

There was a bunch of obvious locations that I knew about, like Old Pacific Highway, Putty Road and so on, but beyond that I just didn’t know where to go, how long it would take and what to expect along the way. Hence the reason I built this site.

What does it do?

Well the idea is that you can create your own routes or view already existing ones, and plan your trip then share it with others that may join you.

Join the site to store your routes or just create a quick trip now just to see how long it will take.

What’s to come?

Next step will be adding ratings, comments and photos posts so that users can share their experiences of each route, what to watch out for and what you need to know to get the most out of your ride.

We’ll also be adding locations to list the sites along routes to visit and give more information about the route, giving you better options when planning your trip.

What can you do to help?

Firstly we need to know where to go! Add your routes to show us the best locations, starting location, waypoints and a destination and any notes.

Of course we’d also love your feedback. What works well, what doesn’t and what features you’d like to add to make it easier for you? We have a bunch of features yet to come like importing and exporting data from your navigation device but any other ideas are very much welcomed.

Working Prototype

This is a working prototype and I'd love your feedback vern@motorides.com.au.


[x] Initial commit
[x] Routes storage
[x] User module
[x] Add user to route and location creation
[x] Add user to route FURL
[x] Add private / public option for routes
[  ] Add ratings and user comments
[  ] New Route, add 'current position' button for starting location
[  ] Places - define cool places to ride to. Places stored by location.
[  ] Add routes via GPX files